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Pandora Word Box Overviews present notions-ideas inherent in words or images "worth a thousand words".
The recent events in Ukraine that evolved into a revolution and Russian military invasion of Ukraine were ignited by one idea -
What is to be a EUROPEAN?. Our notion is that it means to have human dignity.
The revolution now known as  EUROMAIDAN implies "Pro-European" and "manifestation in an open space" as per maidan.  

This is the first of a series of OVERVIEWS. Each overview includes hypothetical, real and rhetorical observations. Also included are facts, images and samples of Big Lies populating the propaganda war unleashed by the Kremlin"s current "strong man", Mr. V. Putin

NOTE overviews include icons - their full size IMAGES include comments - those marked as OPINION reflect those of the Editor (unless indicated otherwise).  .


The Kremlin  propaganda, as expected, is peppered by obvious lies and slurs.Of particular interest are "Big Lies", a notion described in some detail by Mr. Adolf Hitler in his book Mein Kampf. The bigger the lie and the more it is repeated the more it  becomes accepted by the plebes as a dogma. Russians dogmatically believe that Ukrainian "nationalism" is "evil" (excluding their own chauvinism) .  Comrade Stalin perfected the Big Lie as a political weapon. In fact, Stalin starved mlliions of Ukrainians to death by a state engineered famine (holodomor). Nonetheless many Ukrainians believed and many do so now  that Communism was "good". As a former KBG agent, Mr. Putin  knows the importance of the Big Lie as a tool essential for tyrannies. Is the Big Lie a criterion to separate tyranny from a democracy?  Are corporate Big Lies the same as political Big Lies? Are the tepid EU "sanctions" imposed on Russia real? -  as soon as the EU sanctions were announced the Russian stock market (RSX) went up ... What is more credible, the "free" press or stock markets?  

Title 1

Mr. V. Yanukovich making deals with Mr. V. Putin 

For weeks, the US and EU remained silent as the EUROMAIDAN protest ceased to be peaceful and became increasingly violent - the EU tried to impose a compromise - to let  Mr. V. Yanukovych (and Mr. Putin) stay in power and have time to organize a new election (Yanukovych already cheated before and was convicted twice for violent crimes) - the  EU Polish representative admonished Ukrainians to  "accept ... or you all will die ..." - the EUROMAIDAN rejected the compromise -  a blood bath was unleashed - by whom? (guess)  - snipers equipped with precision rifles assassinated in cold blood nearly a hundred unarmed protesters -  instead of regaining control, the public revulsion was so great that Mr. Yanukovych  fled to Moscow. - along his way to a dacha near  Mr. Putin"s residence,  he admonished Ukrainians several times  (in Russian) that he (or perhaps he meant Russian troops)  would return. - Crimea was invaded by "green men" -  Russophones unleashed violent protest in Eastern Ukraine - Russophones and Russian dignataries who crossed the border met with other "ethnic" Russians to coordinate events  - a "referendum" in Crimea gave voters a choice between  "independence" or "integration" with Russia -  Ukrainians and Tatars had no reason to vote unless they wished to become "pseudo" Russians - Mr. Putin affirmed his approval and will to incorporate Crimea as a Russian province - the Russo-phones celebrated -  Mr. Putin gave a speech indicating that  "we no not nee other regions of Ukraine" and embellished his discourse by expressing  peacefull sentiments and Russian affection for the "brotherly" people of Ukraine -  nonetheless, snipers resurfaced in Crimea and killed Ukrainian soldiers - "disappeared" Crimean Tatars  are being found dead ... and the EU continues to demure. ... Chronos will let us continue this chronology in companion overviews.  

EUROMAIDAN was an expression of Ukrainians striving to be Europeans rather that to live under a Russian authoritarian chauvinistic regime. Kremlin"s Big Lies assert that the EUROMAIDAN as not a revolt by Ukrainians but by  "extremists", "Nationalists", "anti-Semiitic neo-Fascists", etc. The Kremlin even cites the EU Parliament to support such slurs. The impact of Big Lies differ in Russia, Ukraine, the US and Europe. The doses of Big Lies delivered to Russians by state controlled media are intoxicating and cloud their judgment. Ukrainians are shocked at the hatred of some native "russo-phones" toward their own compatriots. Regarding the US, the  truism that "sensationalism sells" applies to Big Lies which are parroted by some  "analysts", in particular those who seek to reach the "I hate Obama" and Jewish communities as "consumers" of their diatribes. Some of such analyst  exploit the EUROMAIDAN tragedy to advance unrelated lobbying aims.. Unfortunately, such diatribes are not only offensive to parents who lost their children at the EUROMAIDAN but to readers with judgment who reject such manipulations. Most of all, such analyst degrade the institutions to whom they belong and use to boost their prestige and concurrently demean the reputation of the press and news media as well as the Presidency of the US. Regarding the EU, their endless "discussions" and tepid sanctions reinforce the notion that perhaps the EU has lost its substance. The EU aim of protecting  "gas supplies" to Europe is irrelevant to an emerging Russian Empire. Russians will starve willingly for their ideal - what are the Europeans prepared to sacrifice to be Europeans?  There are concerns that the London-Berlin axis will precipitate the collapse of the EU and that for some, a London-Berlin-Moscow axis, is preferable to the EU - even as a phantasy such notion is alive among Euroeans. Perhaps Paris should break its fake ray ban sunglasses, cheap ray ban sunglasses meak silence and remind Europeans that the French revolution and  those in South Africa or India were not about "gas supplies" but stood for human dignity - such are precisely the reminders whispers of those who died during the EUROMAIDAN  ... who is listening? . . .

Title 1

Profuge President Mr. V. Yanukovich and his Prime Minister, Mr. M. Azarov -  two "ethnic" Russians now under the protection of Russia.
Mr. Yanukovich tried but had difficulty speaking in Ukrainian - Mr. Azarov refused to learn Ukrainian.
The Party of Regions led by Mr. Azarov claimed that the Russian language and culture needed protection in Ukraine.

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