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Clinic flows from the Greek "kline" for "bed" and "klinein" for "to lean". Clinic flows further for notions of bed, couch, rest, to recline, or to decline. Closer to the clinical world, these notions gave rise to clinodactyly and kyphosis, from the perspective of a bent finger or spine.
Knee and clinic often become associated
These sort of constellations make me believe that much of the languages we enjoy were created by poets who infused beauty into what may be seen as ordinary. In the remote villages of Ukraine, some poets must have been inspired by the human knee to connect such notion with "kline" - kolino (knee in Ukrainian) which also means sibship or first generation. A second generation would be referred to as "second kolino or pokolinnia". Now, make your own conclusions as to what klinein has to do with sex and the birth of babies.

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