Ideonomy and Clinical Arts and Sciences

Myths Words Images and Imagination

Ethics Etiology Truth

Mythology and Medicine are like twins - they arose together. The quest for cures is among the earliest and most characteristic exclusive human properties. Inherently, hopes for cure implies a search for true cures thus the truth. From such beginnings arise the notions of "Truth" (etio) and later of "Etiology" (true cause) and "Ethics" (true to yourself). These examples are illustrative of the task of Ideonomy - a science seeking the core ideas not only in words but visual arts as well. It is self-evident that the beauty in poetry and visual images can trigger the imagination like by magic. Ideonomic similarities of mental images across eras and linguistic differences suggest a biologic human unity when conveying fundamental notions such as love, death, hope or health. Such similarities are highlighted here as "word roots", "overviews" and "images" with the aim to expose deeper, broader and easier to memorize "meanings" inherent particularly in Medical Terminology and Clinical Vocabularies. 

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