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Teratogens and Medicine

The aspiration of most Colleges of Medical Arts and Sciences is to capacitate prospective physicians to articulate artistically or at least as skilled artisans, scientific therapies in harmony with the uniqueness of each ailing person. The mosaic by Conrad A. Albrizio, gracing the lobby of the University Hospital in Mobile Alabama, artfully articulates emblems and symbols of medical ideals and the legacy of pioneers of Humanistic Ethical Medicine.
Emblems of the History of Ethical Medicine
The emblems of this mosaic are discussed in the legend describing the above image (click - the icons below also are clickable). 
Asculapius and Imhotep, both mortals, became deified and were seen as descendents of the God-sun (Apollo) and as emblems of wisdom and prudence.
Both the hieroglyph of Imphopt and the icon representing Athena highlight the owl as the emblem of wisdom arising from knowledge and experience.
 A stunned mother by the human life materializing in her matrix or perhaps by the risks of the unborn from being exposed to a growing array of teratogens as pollutants of "progress".

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