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Panoramas from a terraza cafĂ©-eatery attached to the  Roman Amphitheater (two minutes from the bus stop at the central plaza
Fiesole is known since the 9th century BC. It became an Etruscan "Vipsul" until conquered by the Romans in 283 BC and renamed "Faesulae". In 1125 it was conquered by Florence and eventually became part of Metropolitan Florence (Firenze). During the bubonic plague during the 1400's, the rich of Florence escaped uphill to Fiesole. Boccaccio set the stories of the Decameron in this charming small city on top of a high hill. Fiesole today can be reached by city bus in about 20 minutes - the ride alone is worth it, it is spectacular. 
There are 3 museums with valuable and provocative art. Examples are shown below and a search (use the key word Fiesole) will illuminate additional panoramas.  

At the edge of the central plaza are three small museums and a Roman Amophitheater. A visit is an "eye opener". 
A Clinical - Medical - Humanities - Fine Arts - "Eye openers" Perspective 
To reach Fiesole, take the city bus to Fiesole from the Plaza xxx (departures are about every 20 minutes as is the ride) from the xxx). A good time to arrive to Fiesole is 10:30 (the ride is about 20 minutes long and the bus departures are about every 15-20 minutes). The final bus stop is at the central plaza. Once you explore the plaza environs, walk toward the back of the church where you will find the entrance to the Roman Amphitheater - if so inclined, to the left of the entrance is a terraza-cafe-eatery (see image above) for you to enjoy a cafe, etc. and a spectacular vista of Tuscany's hill country. If not, purchase tickets to see the extensive Roman ruins, the related museum and the adjoining Bandini Museum (illustrated here are only a small sample of the exhibitions).
By the time you are finished, it may be time for a gourmet lunch - it requires you walk a steep uphill alley toward the St. Francisco ancient church, monastery and museum. Before you reach these sites, you will see to the right a famous restaurant serving gourmet dishes (among the best in Florence and environs - reservations are highly recommended). To the right of the of the alley you will see terrazas from which you will see Florence at your feet. The museum of the St. Francisco monastery is small but provicative because it is very illustrative of the missions that the monks undertook in China and what sorts of art they collected.  
By the time your are done, it will be time to return to Florence for dinner. 


Bandini Museum Illustrations: prognathism (similar to the "Habsburg Jaw" - perhaps a related gene mutation); a pregnant Madonna (a very rare style of representation - an example of "humanzing" the Virgin Mary - 4 panels illustrating the complex inter-relationships of Cupid with Modesty, Time with Love, Eternity, which underscore how ntions of Eros, erotica, Amor, affection, passion, among other terms, change with time to reflect the culture of the times. 
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