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Hesperides Golden Apples

Knowledge Wisdom

Ladon nurtured by the Nymphs Hesperides
It is tempting but probably in error to say that the name of the serpent or medusa known as Ladon gave rise to the Spanish word "Ladron" derived from Latin "latro" for thief. Nonetheless, the fact is that Ladon was robbed and killed by a thief, the mortal Hercules. What is certain is that from "ladro" we get "ladrar", which in Spanish means "canine barking". In any case the question is why we portray a protector of wisdom and knowledge as a "monster" and represent Hercules as a hero although a stupid one. One could propose that classic era mythology has been replaced by Semitic Biblical nuances such as Adam and Eve and Paradise lost.

The story of Ladon also teaches us that more important than a guardian, in this case, the Nymphs Hesperides who guarded the Golden Apples, is the guardian of the guardians - Ladon was charged to guard the guardians who betrayed him.

Finally, there is "anti-knowledge" (now presented by the US Republican Party and President as "alternative facts"). Perhaps the Republican Party should adopt Mercury or Hermes who stands for equivocation, protects Chambers of Commerce and thieves and represents hermaphroditism (the Republican politicians probably do not know this).

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