Catamnesis is a rare member of this claster of notions

Cata is a strong Catalyst of many Catalogues

Perspectives include Catastrophe and Cataclysm

KATA or CATA is a component of many word-notions. Its presence is illuminating but often ignored. For example, "Catamnesis" - etymologic analyses focus on "Mnesis" in a sense of "keeping in mind" and tend to ignore the significance of "cat" which in fact is equivalent of "cut" in English (in Ukrainian it denotes an executioner - who "cuts or separates" heads). In short, "Catamnesis" often means the fate of a patient after being "cut-off" (discharged) from medical care (it is preferable to use the terms "prognosis" or "Natural History").
Catalepsy "separates" an individual from consciousness and is distinct from Epilepsy 
There are nearly a hundred frequently used words inclusive of "Cat" - such as: Cathedra or Cathedral, from which flow or are "cut-off" the essence of knowledge and doctrines; Catalogues, which "cut-off" items from the rest; Catalysis, which ("cut-off" or separate components; Catarrh indicative of fluid flow, cut away or separated from tissues; Catheter, Catalepsy, Cataract, and more in "Related Topics" above.

The main point is that being aware of "Cat" enhances our comprehension of word-ideas by underscoring the notion of "separation" ... And one puzzle of interest is what "cat" has to do with "Catholic" (the answer is found in the word-idea "Catholic").
"SPASOPREOBRASHANYJ CZHERKVA (Savior Cathedral), Chernihiv, Ukraine"

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