In Brief

Ancient societies often were Matriarchal and after the advent of the Dorians who invaded Ancient Greece, they imposed paternalistic alternatives. Nonetheless, there are many signals of the persistence of the veneration toward feminine deities. Even Christianity incorporates "Marianism" (a strong devotion to St. Mary). Since then, most Gods are "he" - Zeus, Jupiter ... Hera is at the root of the notion "Hero" and she nurtured the first mortal "hero" named "Hera-Kles" or Hercules. 

Two "medical twists" are worth noting in the story Hero-Hera-Herakles ... he was somewhat dumb and is often portrayed with small genitals - if this not due to esthetic consideration, perhaps he had "hypo-genitalism" - in any case, he had male lovers, among them Abderus and his male servant, Hylas. It should be noted that not only Herakles had homosexual affairs - so did most Olympic "male" deities. 

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The Lactic or Milky Way or the Galactic Galaxies and Hera nurturing the Hero Hercules
Hera or Hero are terms rooted in notions of emblems of "protection, guardianship, safety". Poets elaborated a mythology for mortals to gaze at heroes in the stellar space arranged as the "Zodiac Belt". Hera is remembered as the source of the "Lactic" path or "via galactica" representing her nourishing breast milk she offered to Hercules.

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