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Cephalea Encephalitis

Force Forceps Front Frontal Confront

Cap Cup Capitol Decapitate Craniotomy Capella Capillary

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This CHAPter or in Spanish CAPitulo is a review of HEAD, CEPHALON, or kephalon as matter and not in terms of function. Ideas emanating from PSYCHE, PHREN or NOOS, Greek terms for SOUL and MIND, including schizoPHRENIA, paraNOIA, PHRENology, PSYCHology, and PSHYCHiatry are explored separately.

It is strange that beHEADing was one way to eliminate strong "headed" kings or HEADs of state such as were the elected HETMANS in Ukraine. DeCAPitation of famous victims by this sort of CAPital punishment has CAPtivated many artists who were prone to CAPture the drama of beHEADINGS in considerable detail.
Crowned heads and Heads of States or Churches favored capital punishments by beheading.
Strange "face to face" meetings
Societies grant special licenses to doctors who are crowned with special CAPs and decorated with CAPes. Police, army, and other officers and officials are also granted and CAPacitated by all sorts of distinctive caps and capes. It is true that most grantees limit their self-serving CAPitalist temptations, but others CAPsize by engaging in mercenary acts. Regarding clinicians, some may resort to excessive FORCE when using the FORCEPS and cause a deCAPITAtion.
Some heads of state lost their caps by beheading.
Napoleon asserted his might by auto CEPHALIC "self-crowning".
It is true that many CAPtains and other leaders are auto CEPHALIC (self or single minded); it is also true that they are prone to be vulnerable to become CAPtives of CAPtivating dreams. In fact, many CAPtains CAPsized, while others were deCAPitated when they lost touch with reality. Some say that CAPtains most likely to survive are those who are CAPtious.
David deCAPitated Goliath.
Salome and the head of St John the Baptist
Judith holding the head of Holopherene (All is fair in war)
Orpheus paid the price of love - he lost his head
Artists are not SCIENtists but do impact the conSCIENces of SCIENtists, CAPtains, and HEADs of states and churches. On the other hand, the rarity of dePICTions of animal deCAPitations may be one reason why humans are not impacted by the Biblical commandment to protect non-human beasts from human bestialities.
Bestial beheading of beasts
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