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Recent overviews dealt with EXCRETIONS per LIP, MOUTH, SALIVA, THROAT, ESOPHAGUS, ABDOMEN, BELLY, STOMACH, and LIVER. What follows concerns the NEPHROS, KIDNEY, or RENAL organs producing URINE and studies subjects of NEPHROLOGY and UROLOGY. 
Nereids,Thetis, and Neptune holding a Trident and riding a Quadriga to meet with Centaurs. 
It may surprise some that KIDney may share roots with KID and that NEPhrology shares roots with NEPtune. Regardless, it is clear that to fully grasp "water making", mention of NEPTUNE or POSEIDON is in order because NEPTUNIAN stands for "formed by water action" as is the case with URINE. SATurated URines point to SATurn and URanus. In mythology, Uranus, Pluto, and Saturn have similar missions - to SATurate humans with wealth or OURON or ORO - Spanish for gold. When SATURN, PLUTO, and URANUS succeed beyond moderation, mortals SATURated with Aurum or gold create POLUTOcracies - akin to those who rule US Banks "too big to fail". "Shining dawn" or aurum in Latin and "Golden rain" that seduced Danae have captured many imaginations. Uranus or rather Ouranos for "Father Sky" in essence stands for fertilizing rain, which perhaps may imply his "orina" like "oro" - Spanish for urine and gold. 
Once dogs could micturate on church columns.
Formerly dogs were welcomed in Churches
The mother of Poseidon was RHEA or CYBELE from whom FLow all goods and is the source of RHEOlogy or the science concerned with the FLow of FLuids. From CHRONus, the father of Poseidons, FLow ideas in CHRONology and CHRONic.
Wladimir with Trident
Trident -
The State emblem of Ukraine
Poseidon with Trident
The symbol of Poseidon is a trident. Russian Nationalists and Communist extremist see the Trident as an emblem for Ukraine liberated from Moscow or the Russian Empire. During the Bolshevik-Soviet rule, it was mandated to remove the trident from depictions of Neptune - today, in Lviv, Ukraine, a Neptune without a trident is preserved as a reminder of the persisting "Russification" efforts to destroy other nationalities that currently are ruled by the Russian Federation.   
Neptune and his spouse Amphitrite
NERka, the Ukrainian word for KIDNEY, suggest a link with NEReus, NEReids, and NEPtune. NEReus fathered many NEReides and one of them, Amphitrite, became the spouse of Poseidon. Nereides in "old rus" or Ukrainian are called RUSalki. The pedigree of NEPtune, NEPhrology, URine, and UkRaine is convoluted, but the closeness of such relationships is underscored by the naming of two adjoining new elements URANIUM and NEPtunium.  
URine and its roots in OURon also apply to UDRA or HYDRA found in HYDROGEN and in Latin UNDA for WAVE. OURanus or URANUS not only stood for fertilizing rain but also for WATER. In Sanskrit VARSHA and VARI point to RAIN, WASH, WATER, VODA, and VODKA, which in Ukrainian link water with "fire water".  
Neptune with his Trident
More extensions emerge from the Greek root OUREIN or ORINA in Spanish toward URINE, URETER, and URETHRA. The OUREIN flows from the NERKA or NEPHROS in Ukrainian and Greek for KIDNEY into the RENAL PELVIS or CALYX or CALYCES, terms pointing toward CHALICE, CUP or VASE or PELUIS, PELUX or PALAVI in Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit. From there, the urine flows via the URETERS toward the urinary bladder and finally to the URETHRA and MEATUS to the exterior. 
MEATUS signifies "opening" and is surrounded by a voluntary sphincter. In Spanish MEAR or MICCION have the same meaning as the Greek root OUREIN or MICTURITION or in vernacular terms "to urinate" or "to piss".
Meatus and Micturition
To MEAr implies to open the MEAtus and to void a SATURated or full URInary bladder through the UREthra. Other related terms to OUREIN, such as UREA, UREMIA, URACHUS, DYSURIA, ANURIA, and DIURESIS, are the subject of notes and comments found through links shown in the list on the left. Also note ideas pointing to SATURN, SATURate, SATURdays and to kindred deities like NEPtune linked with NEPHrology.

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