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Tear Tearing Torn

Wolf Wolfgang

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This illustrated overview is one in a series concerned with HAND as a MEDICAL INSTRUMENT as illustrated by SURGERY and WOUND.

Split, torn and wounded skin.
Skin tears cause tears.
To start, HAND or MANO in Spanish points to MAN and MANUAL. The panorama expands with implications in FIST, PUG, and PUGnatious PYGmies. This complex includes CHEIRO or hand in Greek and CHIRON, the personification of SURGERY and MEDICINE. CHIRON was asked by Apollo to train his son Aesculapius who became the deity and emblem of Medicine.  Esculapius.
A wounded Psyche can induce tears.
The aim here is to show the link of SURGEry and SURGEONS with TEARS and WOUNDS.

It is evident that WOUND and "tear" are linked since WALH and UOLUS in Hittite and Latin denote both. Relatedly, a surgeon in Latin is called VULNERarius and VULNERar in Spanish means to WOUND. It is also self evident that surgery makes people VULNERable to complications.

Surgical knives to make therapeutic wounds.
Surgeons and Chiropractors wound patients.
Some surgical treatments cause TORN tissues and WOUNDs that become so painful as to drive patients to TEARS and VAPULate or scream from having TEARing pain. When Britains Navy "ruled the waves", VAPULATE was a well known term describing the flogging of sailors until their flesh was torn.

Implore has to do with tearing.
Seizures can cause revulsion.
Finally, this overview would be VULnerable to criticism unless it is mentioned that some events can be reVULsive, for example severe conVULsions. How reVULsion links with VULgar, VULture, VULpex and WOLF is beyond the scope of this overview but it is sufficient to say that rude and crude behaviors are reVULsive, and can TEAR or WOUND the psyche. Seeing a VULture, a fox or VULpex or a WOLF, TEARing their victims is for most people reVULsive. On the other hand, the WOLF is much beloved by many cultures for its intelligence as denoted by human names like Wolfy or Wolfe for Wolfgang or VOVA for Wladimir.

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Wolves evoke dual feelings; revulsion and admiration.