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Terminate or Interrupt Prematurely

Thanatos Teratos Teratogen Teratothanasia

Euthanasia Eugenics

ABORT stands for interrupt or suppress prematurely which is implicit in AB for NOT, AWAY or SEPARATE combined with ORIRI for arising or becoming. In his sense, nature and people can "abort" or put "away" a developing human.
Urine tests can detect unplanned - unwanted pregnancy
Undoubtedly, public debates about abortion or "termination of pregnancies" are intense and often polarizing. Formerly, abortion implied a "natural" or spontaneous loss of a pregnancy but currently it implies "man-made" abortion. In vulgar terms abortion is called "miscarriage" - in  fact an "induced abortion" is a from of "miscarriage of the duty of Medicine" as is implicit in the term "miscarriage of justice". Medicine has the duty to preserve life, therefore there can not be such concept as "medical abortion", but ... there it is and current trends appear to ignore that the Hippocratic Oath asserts -"you shall not abort ..." while the alternative view, in my view correct, is that women have the right to their bodies and therefore fertility - that is "family planning". However, Radical Christian and other "Biblical" interpreters generally not only advocate against abortion but against "family planning" as well - perhaps that implies that advocates of women's rights should seek alternative views of Biblical commands. In any case, the unborn also has human rights and to what extent is a prospective "mother" seeking an abortion can be seen as an advocate of "fetal life" is paradoxical. Women, unless mentally retarded, are aware the coitus (the "sensitive" euphemism is "sexually active women") can result in pregnancy and that many agents are "teratogenic poisons" (teratogens are agents that can destroy the integrity of a developing embryo). Often pregnant women seek assistance because they "exposed" their babies to "teratogenic poisons", the excuse being "I did not know I was pregnant". Many of such women, in reality, do not want to be mothers at all and would prefer a "medical abortion" that can be "justified" by concerns regarding risks for fetal malformations. Perhaps such abortions should be classified as related to maternal neglect. 

Teratogens cause abortions because they can disRUPT, interRUPT or RUPure development. In fact, many aborted gestations are associated with the rupture of fetal membranes as well as with severe multiple congenital malformations).
Ruptured fetal membranes cause abortions
Nearly 20% of pregnancies end in spontaneous ("natural") abortions. An even greater proportion of pregnancies are "interrupted" by humans, mainly because most pregnancies are unplanned and undesired. In Ukraine, during 1999, nearly as many pregnancies were interrupted as there were births. Similar figures apply to the rest of the former USSR empire, the USA and other "developed" societies.
Alcohol inhibits inhibitions.
Mothers may be drunk for a day - the unborn may become "drunk" for a lifetime
Nearly 50% of spontaneous abortions are due to fatal fetal chromosomal defects and the frequency of fatal structural fetal defects is nearly as high. In addition, many environmental drugs and infectious agents can "disrupt" fetal development and if so, such agents are TERATOGENIC. The high level of spontaneous elimination of flawed embryos is, according to some, a form of  natural EUTHANASIA or a process to diminish the proportion of unviable offspring.

EUTHANASIA denotes a rather strange idea combining EU for happy and THANASIA for death. The view that biologic death can be happy is rather ABerrant. Since euthanasia is not suicide but an act of one party causing the death of another, In the case of induced abortions the "happy" party, "presumably", is the prospective mother or perpetrator.
Thanatos has to do with Teratothanasia
An alternative to "therapeutic" or induced abortions are spontaneous (normal) abortions resulting from TERATOTHANASIA from TERATOS and THANATOS (deadly embryonic-fetal flaws). This idea has roots in Mythology. THANATOS personifies death and his twin brother HYPNOS, personifies sleep (a reversible oblivion). Poets assert that Thanatos eases the pain of mortals who have to leave this world toward Hades by granting the dying permanent sleep to ease their longings for worldly matters.

Some scientists have proposed that teratothanasia could be scientifically enhanced which would diminish the demand for induced abortions. For example, it is known that as women age, their chances rise rapidly to have a child with a chromosomal trisomy associated with such disorders as DOWN syndrome. Perhaps, an aging  organism is less able to detect and eliminate flawed fetuses. Notably, while the number of women delivering infants after the age of 35 years is relatively small, they contribute over half of infants with chromosomal trisomies, mainly Down Syndrome. A Discovery of agents that selectively enhance teratothanasia without harm to normal embryos could "eliminate" those who are flawed. (abnormal embryos may be more sensitive to some environmental agents).
Reproductive imperative is a powerful force relying on seduction
Inbreeding and incest increase teratothanasia

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