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Memorials are Remembrances

Mnemonics can remedy Amnesia

Anamnesis are symptoms remembered

In the United States, MEMORIAL DAY is celebrated on May 30th. This MEMorial promotes the reMEMBrance of former MEMBers of the Armed Forces of their tribulations of wartimes. After decades of national amnesia, World War II veterans have been honored by a memorial - it took 59 years !!! 
Mercenary soldiers rarely deserve Memorials and 
the same is true for Mercenary Merchants who worship Mercury.
All MEMorials represent an effort to prevent amnesia and are erected in the MEMory of heroes and heroic events. It is also a way to help the departed from fading from our mind's MEMories and relegating them to oblivion or HADes (hell). Remembrances or zHAD (in Ukrainian) also prevents us from doing evil (HAD in Ukrainian). 
Gentle Sad Farewell.
This review is a reMINDer that MEMory, along with reason and logic, is a key element of MIND, a subject of another illustrated overview. MEMber implies "a part" which is explored apart from this overview. The ideas in MIND and in reMEMBer also relate to manic, mathematics, money, and even alien and alimony. 

In brief, our mind has reCORDs, and reCORDar in Spanish means to reMEMber. In a broader sense, MEMber points to MEMbranes such as the MENinges and the skin, which are tissues that separate structures or PARTs. MEMber may also refer to appendages such as the limbs or the penis, and in politics to MEMbers of a party - and now it is time to "PART" or in Spanish "PARTir", akin to "PARir" for PARTurition or "PARTire" in Latin, for to "set PART". 
Roman memorial monument or mausoleum for Emperor Hadrian.
This overview can be characterized as a MEMo or MEMorandum to help MEMorize implications in MEMory, MEMorial, MEMoir, MEMorabilia, as well as in AMNESIA, ANAMNESIS, MNEMOSINE, MENTOR, and REMEMBRANCE. 

AMNESIA negates the possibility of engaging in a medical ANAMNESIS or the systematic collection and interpretation of clinical symptoms. One advantage of (human) Medicine over non-human, animal, or Veterinary Medicine is that human patients can help physicians make a diagnosis by participating in an anamnesis or reporting symptoms under medical guidance. Symptoms linked with signs may point to syndromes or "patterns of features that run together" which in turn may suggest causes (etiology) to be tested by extended imaging and laboratory investigations in a quest to reach a diagnosis. 

Mnemosine had nine daughters called "The Muses". 
Muse of Astronomy.
Muse of the Dance (with a triangle, symbol of rhythm).
Muse of eloquence and heroic poetry.
We owe much to ancient poets who created MNEMOSINE, a Goddess whose task was to delay oblivion. As a mother of the nine MUSES, MNEMOSINE nursed her daughters to offer us MUSIC and other aMUSEments unified by a stress on beauty. In fact, a critical MNEMONIC technique or device to enhance MEMorization of the departed is the beauty of MEMORIALS, including MAUSOLEUMS.
The Muses Melpomene (Tragedy or Music),
Erato (Romantic Poetry) 
and Polymnia (Lyricism).
The Muses Clio (History), 
Euterpe (Music), 
and Thalia (Comedy).
The link of MEMory with mind and MENtal health is suggested by CORDura and reCORDar, Spanish words for MENtal sanity and reMEMBrance or MEMory. 

Ukrainian language reminds us that Olympic Gods decreed that upon death, mortals were to enter HADES. In Ukrainian, zHADAi is to REMEMBER as if to underscore that to be remembered is like being rescued from oblivion. Stories tell that to ease what may be a painful transition into the silent and dark world of Hades, mortals were to be deprived of MEMory or made AMNESIC as a way to render them oblivious as they entered oblivion.
Telemachus and Mentor welcomed by Calypso and her Nymphs.
Ancient poets say that as Odysseus departed to fight in Troy, he entrusted his household and son Telemachus to his friend MENTOR. Legends state that Athena, the Goddess of wisdom, often impersonated Mentor to better tutor Telemachus. When Telemachus traveled in search of Odysseus, he took along Mentor and the fugitive prophet Theclymenus. 

Finally, ideas in "to reMEMber" or "to MIND" overlap with those in MOURN, MORality, MORtal, and MAR. These complex connections are presented in the key words listed in the left column. It may suffice to say that MORality rests upon our ability "to mind" and remember the pain of other creatures, human or not.
The task of the Muses Urania and Calliope was to be Amusing. 
Calliope and Apollo had a son Orpheus who could also mesmerize all living. 
Urania delivered Hymeneos who is remembered in many wedding songs.
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