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Aphorism of the Day

"The practice of Medicine is an art, not a trade; 
a calling, not a business;
a calling in which your heart will be exercised equally with your head." 

Sir William Osler (1849-1919)  

Note: Called the "Father of Modern Medicine", this Canadian from Ontario and graduate in Medicine from the McGill University, in 1889 founded the Johns Hoptins Universtiy School of Medicine. In 1905 he became the Regius Chair of Medicine at Oxford. Perhaps his greatest contribution to Medicine was to stress the importance to talking and learning from patients, which led him to establish a full time "sleep-in" residency and  to stress early bedside teaching of medical students. Osler also was a jokester and published under a pseudonym (Egerton Yorrick Davis), a medical report on "penis captivus". His book "Equanimitas" remains a guide to thoughful physicians. 

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Current Word Idea
~ NUDE note NUDE points to KNOW and KNOWLEDGE via
^u ^s KNOT NODE DENUDE for start see> KNABEN
note NUDE includes NAKED
note NUDE and NAKED are equivalent in
lat sp it ukr pol rus lith ...
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Daily Medical Word
~ DYSMORPHOLOGY id+ | U.S. expression for the ...


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Fine Arts Image
Engraving from an Ancient Relief - Aesculapius
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Current Overview
Bronze Statue of a youth - copy from an original from 500 BC