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"The Russian Federation's virtual state Church is the Moscow Patriarchate. " (see related A | B | C | D | E)

Putin and the Patriarch of Moscow are very close.  

OPINION  Christian Orthodoxy as per the Moscow Patriarchate represents a virtual state religion and is intimately linked with the regime and policies by Mr. V. Putin. This Patriarchate has promoted the current campaign against “homosexuals” and managed to infest the former Ukrainian President, Mr. M. Yanukovych with the same. The Patriarchate is engaged in political activities in Ukraine. Both, the Moscow Patriarchate and Party of Regions pursue a policy to promote Russian culture and language in Ukraine. Compared to other churhces, the Moscow Patriarchate secured favoritisms from “russo-phone” Ukrainian Presidents, in particular, the currupt Mr. M. Yanukovich and his mentor L. Kuchma.

During World War II, Stalin revived the Russian Orthodox Church. However, the Moscow Patriarchate became a virtual subsidiary organization to the KGB. Bishops, to survive, had to collaborate with Russian authorities. Elected in 1990, Patriarch Alexy II publicly confessed that that his Church and himself included engaged in such “compromises” (a euphemism that fails to stress that others lost their lives for their contributions to the Communist regime). The Moscow Orthodox Church beatified Czar Nicholas II as “Saint Nicholas the Passion-Bearer” also referred to as Saint Nicholas the Martyr. Such gestures bridge seek "forgive and forget" in an effort to consolidade the legacies (and crimes) of czars, Bolsheviks who murdered the Imperial Family, Stalinists holocausts including the starvation of millions of Ukrainians and crimes such as those associated with Chornobyl by those who followed them The title assumed by Alexy II today  is “His Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus (Russians)”  or “Patriarch of Moscow and all the great (Russians proper) and small (Ukrainians or Malo-rus) ...”. In 2009, Alexy II was followed by Kirill ...  more under construction ...