"Carpe Diem - Quam Minimum Credula Postero"
(Carve the day and place little trust on tomorrow)

Homer (Odes I,1-18)


Note: our joy is at the tip of our "meta-carpals" (fingers) but joy is not a gift - it  must be earned! (with our carpal bones that are articulated with the metacarpals which in turn are articulated with the phalagnes of our thumb and digists or fingers). It is the hand (cheiro) that renders humans mechanically adept and Homer speaks of Chiron as the teacher of "handy" medicine whose pupil was Aesculapius, the father of Medicine. Thus, chiropractic medicine, chirofano, quirofano, cirugia, and surgery share Homeric roots.

(Note: Homer was blind - for comments click on the image) 

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