"Kaiser Karl V - or Carlos I of Spain" (see details) (see related A), 1532 Christoph Amberger (1500-1561) Gemaldegalerie, Berlin, Germany
Habsburg jaw or overgrowth of the jaw (mandible) causing prognathism, underbite and concurrent d-face (maxilla) underdevelopment, prominent lower lip, concurrent large prominent nose and often unusual external ear (auricle) morphology or dysorphism, and often subtle eversion of the outher lhalf of lower eyelid (ectropion). These facial features concurrently represent a "Habsburg facies" or "Habsburg jaw" - we refer to such instances as H+. The H+ trait or syndrome is virtually always inherited from an H+ parent of either sex. In this instance there is a mystery - who is Carlos I H+? His mother Juana "la Loca" nor his father Felipe "el Hermoso" were both H- - who is Carlos? - He is H+ but from whom did he get the H+ mutation?  

More about "the mystery" of Carlos I or Chalres V is posted as "A Real Game of Thrones" in "Clinical Eye Openers".  

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