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Stupid Cretin Idiot Moron

Oligophrenia Mind Phrenology

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In contrast to other overviews concerned with MIND as it relates to PSYCHE, this overview is dedicated to OLIGO-PHRENIA or diminished MENTAL capacity or RETARDATION. Worth noting are the plethora of related terms such as STUPID, IDIOT, CRETIN, MORON, reflectin prejudices and general ignorance of this subject. A much gentler term, once prevalent in Spain, is "INNOCENT" which implied OLIGOPHRENIA - the term conveys the concept that to be guilty of offenses or crimes a requirement is for the accused to have a PHRENIA or MIND with sufficient power formulated judgments. In fact, to be moral or ethical, a requirement is to have full consciousness - thus children, in legal terms are INNOCENT because they are biologically OLIGOPHRENICS.

A starting point in Medicine regarding OLIGOPHRENIA or HYPOMENTIA, is to focus on the head size, generally measured as the Occipito-Frontal circumference or OFC. A significantly disproportional OFC (two or three standard deviations or SD away from the norm) are major signs - reductions or increases of OFC can signal underlying cerebral anomalies. Small heads or MICROCEPHALY and large heads or MEGACEPHLY or MACROCRANIA are clinical signs that call for assessments of the development of the MIND or PHRENIA.
Megalocrania Macrocrania Macrocephaly
(perhaps an instance of Hydrocephalus)
IDIOT describes those who lack IDEAS and in this sense, all humans are IDIOTIC at birth and gradually an may ameliorate this condition by learning. However, all humans are partial IDIOTS regarding one subject or another.
Bride "given away" to a rich Oligophrenic
Post prandial induced Slip into Sleep or Stupefying Stupor
CRETin is an ancient insult directed at those who live in the island of CRETe. Perhaps today, those in Crete could take revenge by calling those living in the island of Lesbos, LESBIANS. On a more serious note, CRETin has roots in CHRetien, the name for "simple minded" CHRistians from the iodine depleted Alpine region of Savoy in France. Modern medicine has established that CRETINISM is a birth defects syndrome characterized by oligophrenia and dwarfism caused by prenatal iodine depravation.
Dwarf, perhaps a Cretin
Poor in Iodine
The idea in STUPID has roots in Latin STUPEO for senseless or naïve. This overview offers a STUPENDOUS opportunity to point out that from ancient times, STUPrum or rape belongs in the company of ideas concerned with STUPid and STUPefying. The use and abuse of narcotics or eSTUPfacientes in Spanish, implies that such are "stupidity generating" and that drug abusers often reach the level of STUP akin to that of NARCissus and like he, perish.
Prevention of Oligophrenia
Self-love impelled NARcissus as NARCotics impell others into ALLIENation. NARcissus, NARke, NARcoLEPSIS and NARcotic imply an altered mind particularly lethargy or NARCose and NARCOLEPSY - a type of sleep induced by anesthetics - LEPSIS denotes "to take hold of the mind". This sort of lethargy and mental dullness is evident from the dour and grim attitudes of MORose persons. MORosus in Latin points to MORTal insanity.
Ship of fools
Poets have coined many words including perhaps AMOR by adding an A to MORtal. The vast literature and poetic anthologies are populated by views stressing the immortality and purity of true love - perhaps this is the environment that is most pure and most immune to the morbid morbidity permeating ordinary life.
Putti or Amours Playing

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