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"Human Misery" (see related A | B | C | D), 1848 Paul Gaugin Montgomery Museum of Art, Montgomery, Alabama, USA

Observers with experienced eyes (like those of artists) extract or stress signs that ordinary persons do not notice … Gauguin did not know Medicine - could not link, knit nor transform signs into signals – a trained clinician probably will conclude that this face is a facies stigmatic (suggestive) of Down syndrome – an illustration that “to see” needs to be combined with “intelligence” (inter-ligo or ligatures) which can metamorphose signs into signals.

This work is virtually unknown, unpublished and practically ignored by “art channels” as well as “medical channels” – a pity indeed. It demonstrates, perhaps, a cultural bios to ignore “minor” or “provincial” art museums in favor of the “grand” museums. The fact is that the value of art is not reflected by the site whether they find themselves.

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