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"Terracota Oinocheo or Jug depicting Iole armed with a Pelta or crescent shaped shield" (see related A | B), 440 BC Unkonwn Potter (known as Mannheim Painter ) Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, New York, USA

Iole, equipped with a crescent shaped shield (pelta) follows Antiope who leads a horse and holds two spears - Penthesilea follows with a bow and quiver. The beauty of Penthesilea and Antiope dazzled Theseus and Achilles, respectively.

Amazons are depicted with slacks, pants or pantaloons and with long hair. Depictions of combat between Greeks and the Amazons often show the Greeks pulling Amazons by their hair who disregarding the danger they kept their hair long to preserve their feminine allure (see other side).

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