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2014 - OVERVIEW C 

The excuse to invade Crimea was the need for Russia to protect the culture and language of "brotherly" Russian-speakers in Ukraine. Putin dreams to annex Ukraine and call it "Novo-Rossia". German fascists invented Sudetenland and annexed territories that led to World War II. Putin follows Hitler ... Russians in non-Russian territories demand priority - in essense, pose a threat - Russian speakers provide the flame to inflame conflict. The pseudo-Ukrainian, Russian speaker Mr. V. Yanukovich was elected through the services by Mr. Paul Waterford, financed by Moscow and currently a criminal in the US, "forgiven" by the US President, Donald Trump, a known "friend" of Putin. Independent Ukraine is "inconvenient" to "big business" operating in Russia - former German Premier Dr. A. Merkel and several other former German leaders were and are likewise "good friends" of Mr. Putin.

Genocide, holocaust, ... requires that there should be destruction or brain-washing of enemy children - mothers should lose or at least not speak Ukrainian to their children ...

The above are radical interpretations, but ... Take a look at what's happening.

The following was posted 8 years ago ... speakers living in non-Russian territories, in the case of Ukraine, falsely claimed to be threatened by "Ukrainian fascists". Facts indicate otherwise - Russian language and culture in Crimea are predominant according to investigations by Freedom House Human Rights teams in Ukraine (conducted by D. J. Kramer et al.) The report calls attention to the policies of the regime of the former Ukrainian President Mr. V. Yanukovich, an "ethnic" Russian who once elected learned how to barely speak in Ukrainian. He appointed a native Russian who refused to learn Ukrainian as Prime Minister. The reports notes that Mr. Yanukovich advanced "a reactionary agenda against Ukrainian language, identity, and religion ..."
Emblem of Russian Culture - Leninism-Stalinism-Imperialism - Chauvinism 

It is of interest that there are many US analysts and specialists in "Russian" affairs (not to be confused with "Ukrainian" affairs) who strongly agree with the views and policies of the Russian President, Mr. V. Putin. One dramatic example is Mr. Robert English who as Director of the School of International Relations at the University of Southern California (USC) published on March 13, 2014 an Op-Ed in the Los Angeles Times under the title "Ukraine's threat from within. Neofascists are as much a menace to Ukraine as Putin's actions in Crimea". In his brief, less than 900 words article, or diatribe, Mr. English managed to unleash a barrage of insults, slurs, aspersions, and calumnies to deprecate and sully Ukrainian protesters, many of whom were murdered by "pro-Russian" snipers. The universal revulsion to such and act made Mr. V. Yanukovich realize that it was time for him to abandon his post of the president of Ukraine and run for protection to Russia (see overview A). A Ukrainian patriot reading the article by Mr. English is likely to conclude that he is either suffering from "Ukraino-phobia", or that he is a member of some propaganda machine of an ideological group threatened by a democratic Ukraine. Non-Ukrainian readers may be surprised thatMr. English, who was educated at the University of California at Berkeley and Princeton University and is a Director of the School of International Relations at USC (University of Southern California), can descend to such low levels of vulgarity as evident in his pro-Putin diatribe. He goes as far as calling Ukrainian nationalists "repugnant" and asserts that "some of the minions were at that moment distributing "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" on Independence Square. In any case, Mr. English display of vulgarity and distortions question his objectivity and the credibility of the Los Angeles Times slurs and insults of Mr. English directed at Ukrainians include notions of: neo-fascist, anti-Semite, extreme nationalist.  

NOTE: Overview-D (see link on the left) is concerned with suspiciously similar barrage of insults and slurs by a conservative member of the Republican party, who perhaps is also Jewish. Mr. English suffers from a loose tongue and even perhaps a slippery brain - he refers to the Premier of Germany as "whore" and labels the U.S. Presidency as "stupid". 

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