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Note:  much of what follows was written BEFORE the Russian Putin's invasion of Ukraine.
Part OVERVIEW C (2014) post Russian invasion of Crimea. 
The invoked excuse for Russians to invade Crimea was a need to protect the culture and language of "brotherly" Russian-speakers, just as today, Mr. Putin is threatening Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania about the same. The ongoing assault on Ukraine is to "eliminate" Ukrainians and their language. Holocaust vs Genocide often are admixed. However, it is important to know the difference - one eliminates an ethnic component of a population - in this case killing or maiming Ukrainian soldiers and destroying the mental health of children by terrorism (constant night bombing of civilian sites) - the second is to eradicate the "genome" by promotion of Russians and elimination of "others" - in Russia, speaking "non-Russian" is considered a crime against the "security of the Holy State of Russia". 
Currently (start of 2024), the Russian "special operation" continues. Hitler called his a "final solution"). Mr. Putin seeks to destroy Ukraine and replaced it with a colony, "Novo-Rossia". After he is done, next will be Poland as was done by Hitler which provoked World Word II. Seems that the US Republican Party is asleep, as in the 1930's they stood for the "know nothing" ideology that encouraged Hitler to invade most of Europe. Surely, our Republicans of today "know nothing" about those young Americans that perished fighting Hitler and may think that, as does Mr. Trump, that Putin is a "good friend" of the U.S. The fact is that by "winning" Ukraine, Putin will gain courage to go-on.  
A little history about "roots" helps to remember and understand ... the conflict in Ukraine started with the "election" of a Russian speaking President, Mr. V. Yanukovich. His election was financed by a Russian-speaking "oligarch" who hired a U.S. "operative", Mr. Paul Manaford Waterford to manage the electoral campaign. Later, Mr. Manafort became a manager of the electoral campaign of Mr. Donald Trump. Who paid? Mr Yanukovich fled Ukraine to Crimea and from there to Moscow - Putin then invaded Crimea - Mr. Manaford first task was to change the Republican platform to insure that restrictions imposed on Russia for its Crimean invasion was minimized - and then ... eventually Mr. Manaford ended-up in Jail ... not for long though ... he was pardoned by Mr. D. Trump ... and then is Germany and its ex-Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, a champion of Nord Stream oil pipe-line - to help matters, her predecessor, Chancellor Premier Gerhard Schroder degraded himself and accepted employment from Mr. Putin to promote the Nord Oilpipe ... Mr. D. Trump, once elected appointed as Secretary of State, Mr. Rex Wayne Tillerson, the Chairman and Chief Executive officer or CEO of the ExxonMobil Oil mega-corporation. So it is - for you to know ... and if you read what follows, ask yourself, what is more repugnant - the story above or the story below?  

Emblem of Russian Culture - Leninism-Stalinism-Imperialism - Chauvinism 

 Mr. Robert English was or is ... Director of the School of International Relations at the University of Southern California (USC) ... on March 13, 2014 he wrote an Op-Ed in the Los Angeles Times under the title "Ukraine's threat from within - asserting that the threat were not Russians by Ukrainian "Neofascists" ... a diatribe permeated with insults, slurs, aspersions, and calumnies to deprecate and sully Ukrainian protesters who insured that Mr. Yanukovich fled to Moscow ... many of the young protesters were murdered by "special Russian troops" brought to Kyiv from Crimea, later they protected Mr Yanukovich as he fled to Moscow ... that was the Maidan Revolution that Mr English vilified. A sane reader of the article by Mr. English could conclude that he was suffering from "Ukraino-phobia" or more likely, he had a "job" to do. It is most surprising that a graduate from the University of California at Berkeley and Princeton University and Director of the School of International Relations at USC (University of Southern California) could descend to such low levels of vulgarity as to call Ukrainian nationalists "repugnant". Perhaps Mr. English may wish to post a reply to the above, now that Mr. Putin had destroyed many "Ukrainian repugnant ultra-nationalists" of a country with a Jewish president, and praise Mr. Putin for poisoning and murdering his opponents and along the way, destroying civilians in Ukraine.  

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