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                          "The eyes are the window to the Soul" and mind.
Eye for an Eye
To "look" and "to see" are not equivalent. Three elements are needed to form a mental vision - a stimulus (light), an organ of perception (eye) and an organ to apprehend, interpret and assimilate its significance (mind). Humans say "I see what you mean" but non-human animals also experience "visions" such as dreaming and daydreaming. Some insist that others view their "visions" as divine in nature.
Oculus and vista of the Pantheon in Rome
OCULUS in Latin is EYE as well as an OPENING to LIGHT or VISTA or SIGHT. Slavic terms OKO, OKNO and OKOLYCHZIA mean EYE, WINDOW and PANORAMA.
Oculus and Cupola, St. Peter Basilica in Rome
Many see OCCULT (unclear) as being unrelated to OCULUS because the OC in OC CULT is a Latin prefix for "against", is written with double "c". However, in Latin OCCULO can denote "to cover", thus make something "occult". In a sense, the mysterious and dogmatic tend to thrive on credulity which is facilitated if we are willing to keep our eyes (mind) closed.

The role of poetry in the translation of ideas into words is indisputable. Consider inOCULate, which should remind us of the beauty of blooms because it refers to the growth points or buds that gardeners use for grafting. The charm of translucent eyes is reflected in Russian GLAS for eye and GLANSNOST for openness.
Inflamed, Deviated, and Enlarged Eyes
OPS is found in autOPSy, rhodOPSin, and diOPTer refered to in the notes below. OPS, OKO, OJO, OCULUS in Greek, Ukrainian and Latin denote EYE as well as WINDOW, OPENING, ROUND (as in CYCLOPS), AROUND (environs or vista). The panorama is enriched by roots from Germanic and Spanish where AUGEN (eyes) relates to OGLE or antOJO as if to underscore that "eying" does betray a mind impacted by desire.
Blindness and Eye Agnesis (Anophthalmia)
Fused or Central Eye (Cyclopia)
LIGHT, EYE and VISION lead to ENLIGHTEN, MIND and MENTAL VISIONS. Notably, many blind bards and poets were considered to be prophetic or SEERS. These facts are reflected in VIZHU and VEDA, from Slavic for REALIZE or TO SEE and Sanskrit for WISDOM leading to WIT, WHIT and WISE.
Lenses for older persons with Presbyopia
PRESBY OPSIA (old or aged sight) reflects lesser elasticity of the inner lens of the eye or "crystaline". OPTOMETRISTS (often lacking medical degrees) and OPHTHALMOLOGISTS (implicitly eye therapists with medical degrees) treat PRESBYOPIA by prescribing BI OCULAR LENSES (why not BINOCULARS I can not tell). In the USA, LENSES or GLASSES remind us of GLAZA (Russian for eyes). In Russian, Ukrainian and Spanish, "glasses" are called OCHKI, OKULARY or ANTE OJOS which returns us to OKO OJO OCULUS. PRESBY is also used as a prefix to denote other facets related to aging as in PRESBYTERIAN, PRESBYATRICS (geriatrics), PRESBYACUSIA (some hearing loss), PRESBYACUSIS (significant hearing loss), PRESBYCARDIA (impared cardiac function), PRESBYESOPHAGUS (reflux and other swallowing problems).

Other related overviews review Blind, Visions, Sleep, Optic Optimist and Cerebrum Ceres.

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