"Carlo V d'Asburgo Imperatore (1500-1558) " (see related A | B | C | D | E), 1587 Cristofano dell'Altissimo (c. 1525-1605) Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Tuscany, Italy

Carlos I (Spain) or Carlos V (Austria) was a leading member of the Habsburg clan - son of Juana "la Loca" or Joanna "the Mad" (who was not) and Ferdinand "the handsome" or "el heromoso". Carlos inherited a dominant autosomal mutation causing his facial deformities (prognathism of the mandible or jaw, hypertrophy of the lower lip (drooling, etc.), lisp ... he could not eat in public ... 

The medical question is - who was his father? - his "official" father did not show evidence of the highly penetrant gene mutation (nearly 100% of those with the gene showed the malformations) - non-maternity is highly unlikely - non-paternity is relatively common. This is a subject for research! 

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