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Linking Abortion - War - Holocaust - Putin - Radiation - Alcohol

Ultimately War is an Abortion

Radiation and Alcohol are War Companions and Abort Child Development

Posted March 15, 2022 - 22 days after Putin's attack on Ukraine

(Putin's War Started on February 24, 2022) 

Current attention gathering events include:
a world-wide focus on alcohol as a cause of fetal anomalies
and a threat of radiation.

Alcohol is among the cheapest and best known mind numbling narcotics.
Less known is that alcohol destroys children's brains before and after birth.

ideas inherent in ABORTION

Most human fertilized "eggs" are lost (aborted spontaneously), implying a process referred to as teratothanasia.

Ab as in ab-normal, ab-omen, ab-ominable, ab-ortion ... it conveys a sense of "a-way" or "to separate". Combined with "orar" as in oration, orire ... which conveys a sense to "arise" which is what we orally pray for (in Spanish "orar" is to pray) ... an idea found in oratorios, orators and oral examinations which are gateways for "arising", raising, rising expectations. The topic "abortion" is vast and currently permeated with religious overtones that polarize along with a general confusion regarding the conflicts of the human rights of women and fetuses. In any case, the words that permeate this theme have evolved and expanded ... by grasping the "spiritual emblematic" roots of the "word-ideas" infused in such debates does clarify "what is meant" and what represents ignorance, dogmatism and obscurantism as well as ideals, ethics and mercy.  

ideas inherent in and linking ABORT - RADIATION - ALCOHOL - WAR

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